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Business English

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English has become the lingua franca as a result, having extraordinary communication skills for business are need of the hour. if you are new to any business environment, you might face the same problem of expressing yourself effectively. You need to understand the way you speak with your friends or family members. You can not use the same in a professional environment.

Now the question is what do you need to understand about business speaking?

Business English means you need to be precise, and clear and have good choices of vocabulary to be an effective speaker. it is very important to know that when you are in a professional environment you can not use irrelevant information reason being you have limited time to express your ideas so that
you can be more productive.

when you get the opportunity to address meetings, interact with international clients, take team huddles, or communicate with your managers, VP or other professionals, you realize that you struggle with sharing the information to the point. As a result, you are hesitant to face the crowd.

it means this is the right course for you which will help you to take your current level to another level.

you will learn how to use complex sentences and reduce redundancy.


  • Course Name: : Business Speaking
  • Duration : 1 Months
  • Classes Regular : MON/WED/FRI (1 hour each.)
  • Classes Weekend :  SAT/ SUN (1 hour 30 minutes each.)

Running a face-to face meeting

  • Negotiating agreement
  • Running a teleconferencing
  • Saying no politely

Starting a conversation

  • Confirming or rearranging appointments
  • Making a complaint on the telephone
  • Dealing with a complaint on the telephone
  • Exchanging information
  • Assigning action points
  • Exchanging information
  • Assigning action points

it is never too late to start!

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