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Everybody wants to speak fluent English for that one thinks that grammar is very important as a result, People focus on difficult and tedious rules of grammar and end up to frustration. I would like to tell you that Even native speakers do not know the whole grammar rules in spite of this they can communicate effectively.

It means that you do not need to know in-depth grammar for learning spoken English. In this article, I will help you to understand how you can improve your English in an easy way.

Easy ways to improve speaking skills

First of all, You should have knowledge of basic Grammar. Once you have a clear understanding of basic grammar you should practise every day for half an hour, one hour or one and a half-hour. It depends on your availability.

What is Basic grammar?

Now you will be thinking about what is basic grammar. It includes some tenses and modals.for instance,

  • First Form (Present)
  • Use of Will
  • Use of Can
  • Use of Should
  • Use of There
  • Use of Have to
  • Use of Will Have to

There are some other basic, intermediate and advanced English lessons also which will help you to improve your basic, Intermediate and advanced English conversation.

How can I Practise to speak English?

Once you have a thorough knowledge of basic grammar, you have different ways to practise. Before we proceed you have to understand the difference between possessing the knowledge of basic grammar and making it natural when you speak. Natural means when you speak English it comes naturally as you do when you speak your native language. You think and speak however you never do the translation. This is called a natural way of speaking.

Let’s come to the point, how should you practise that it can become natural for you. In the English language or any other language to ask a question and answer properly is the first stage. Most of the English structures have the same pattern.

How can I learn speaking English at home?

The pattern is Positive, Negative and Interrogative(Question) form. First, you should master this pattern.

You should ask a question to yourself, your friend, brother or sister and answer the question either positive or negative.

A- Do you play cricket?

B- Yes, I play cricket.

     No,  I do not (don’t) play cricket.

A- Can you drive a car?

B- Yes, I can drive a car.

     No,  I cannot (can’t) drive a car.

This process will go on until you feel confident. You will do this with every structure you know for example:

Do you……?

Can you……?

Will you……..?

Should you….?

Does he………?

In spoken English, it is suggested that one should use contractions as much as possible as a result this will help to improve your fluency and style as well.

In my next post, I will tell you about contraction and other techniques to practise your English at home.

All The Best!