Voice & Accent


Dear Visitor,

Voice and Accent training is a practical guide to speaking with a neutral English Accent for non-native speakers whose first language is not English. It may also interest students of phonetics, working professionals and English teachers. This course is for people who already know how to speak in English however, they are not satisfied with the way they speak or want to be understood globally. This Training is one of the most famous training programmes. It will help you to improve your overall English communication skills to meet international standards and enables you to understand the difference between American & British Accent. Neutralization your accent is an easy, interesting and enjoyable task.

How does it help you?

Voice & Accent training imparts in-depth knowledge of sounds, articulation, tone and intonation. The tone in pitch conveys the clear message that improves overall speech clarity and the ability to pronounce a word correctly.

Course Name: Voice & Accent
Duration: 45 hrs

Course Contents:
➪Sentence Structure
➪Sounds ( vowels & consonants )
➪Reduction of MTI (Mother Tongue Influence )
➪Rate of speech Control
➪Articulation (Correct Mouth & Jaw Movement)
➪Syllable Stress
➪Sentence Stress
➪Sound Drills

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