Fluentia is a professional training company. We have several years of experience providing foreign languages training and Teacher Training NTT (Nursery Teacher Training). We are proud of our reputation as an ethical company with a can-do attitude. Fluentia has devoted several years of research to developing and improving teaching method for trainees and trainers. Fluentia focuses on maximizing learning experience with modern techniques and equipment that both simplify and enhance student’s communication skills. Fluentia Academy has become the name of Authenticity, Trust and Reliance through its outstanding quality and Student’s mouth appreciation that is what makes us outshine the rest. The company provides the best education in the field of Foreign Language Training and NTT (Nursery Teacher Training).
Fluentia Academy is offering franchisees in all the zones. Many studies show that chances of success as a franchise are many folds higher than running an independent business. What are you waiting for? Your decision can be a life-changer. Make the right move now!
Fluentia has several years of experience in the field of training and development industry as a result, we have analysed market needs very closely. On the one hand, it helps our franchisee to improve the overall productivity and revenue with fewer efforts, on the other hand, it eliminates the risk factor. Since we already have a trusted language programme, our franchisee can work with ease.
Our certified language experts conduct regular workshops sessions for the trainers and staff which helps franchisee up-to-date with the latest and the best teaching techniques. This helps our franchisee runs a very successful institute and edge over competitors.
• Training to staff and owner
• Start-up guidance
• Study material
• Audio & video material
• Marketing strategies assistance
• Promotion and advertising advice support
• Minimum investment
• Maximum return
• Advertising material soft copy
• Free advertisement stickers for office
• Expert counselling & guidance sessions
• Manpower recruitment assistance
• Location selection assistance
• Classroom management
• Center area (700 to 1500 sq. ft.)
• Renovation of the institute as per standard design
• Approximate cost (depends on the location)
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