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Terms and Conditions

The website offers the services of Fluentia Academy. Your use of the Fluentia Academy website, apps, and other products and services is subject to these terms and conditions. You agree that some of our services may need you to download software to your computer, mobile device, tablet, or other devices, that we may automatically update such software and that such updates will be subject to these Terms. If you have any questions, kindly read these Terms carefully and get in touch with us. You accept these Terms, as well as any policies referred to in these Terms, by using our Services.


Who May Use our Services?

Only those who are able to legally enter into a contract with Fluentia Academy and who are in accordance with these Terms and all relevant laws are permitted to use our Services. You must give correct and complete information when you create your Fluentia Academy account and later when using specific features. You also agree to update your information as necessary to maintain it completely with up-to-date and correct information.

Our License to You

We provide you a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license to use our Services, subject to these Terms and our regulations. If you want to utilize the content for anything other than personal, non-commercial use, you must first receive written consent from Fluentia Academy. You can only download content from our Mobile App Services. You additionally agree that you will only create, access, and/or use one user account, unless specifically authorized by Fluentia Academy, and you won’t provide anyone else access to your account or information about it. You have no intellectual property rights in the content or our Services you access by using them.


Changes to Content Offerings

Fluentia Academy provides instruction and content from colleges and other organizations (“Content Providers”). Even while we try to offer the best content from our content providers, unexpected situations do happen occasionally. In addition to changing the weightage or point value of any quiz, assignment, or other assessment, Fluentia Academy also retains the right to modify, reschedule, interrupt or cancel any Content Offerings. The sections below on limitations of liability apply to content offerings.


You as a student agree that you can reschedule only 3 classes regardless of course or duration you enrolled for.

You as a student agree to inform at least 1 day prior to scheduled class time. You can inform by contacting your course coordinator through call / Whatsapp / SMS / Email shared with you post enrolment.

You as a student agree to maintain 70% attendance in the class for the course you enrol for.

You as a full time a trainer agree that You shall be entitled the leave as per company policy according to your cadre. In case you remain absent from your work, without any information or prior written sanction of leave, and / or without any satisfactory explanation for more than 3 consecutive days, including absence when leave though applied for but not granted, or overstaying your sanctioned leave for more than 1 day without written sanction of extension of leave by the Management; it will be presumed that you are no longer working for the Company and that you have abandoned service of your service of your own accord, thereby terminating yourself from your employment. In such a case, you will not be liable to receive any statutory compensation.

If you as trainer reschedule more than half of your classes assigned with you in a day, that will be considered as one day leave. On such days, you will be paid as per the number of hours you worked for.

If you as a student/trainer have to take/taken leaves for any unavoidable circumstances then you will have to provide proof for reference, perusal and consideration.

Term & Termination

The violations listed below will result in suspension, probations and or dismissal from Fluentia academy.

1. Vandalism
2. Use of vulgar comment and language
3. Sexting
4. Cyber bulling
5. Use of narcotics
6. Harassment
7. Bullying

You as a trainer/ student shall demonstrate a higher standard of academics and ethics and promote the development of good character and other life skills while
enrolled/employed at Fluentia academy. I will be a punctual student/a trainer who maintain a high degree of etiquette and demonstrates respect for all people no matter gender, religion, race ,or physical condition and social network. I shall abide by the rules of Fluentia academy.

No Academic Credit

Participating in or completing a content offering does not award any kind of academic credit except iff it is specifically stated by an institution that is granting the credit. You consent to not claiming credit for finishing a Content Offering until you have obtained a Course Certificate or other proof of completion that is equivalent. There is no responsibility for any educational institution or accreditation body to acknowledge the content offerings made by Fluentia Academy, teachers, and the related Content Providers.

User Content

You can share your content (also known as “User Content”) with Fluentia Academy, instructors, other users, and/or projects, examinations, quizzes, other assignments you submit, remarks you make in forums, and the like. You are in charge of and have all ownership rights to the User Content you share. Course content and other materials offered by or placed on the Fluentia Academy platform by or on behalf of Fluentia Academy Content Providers or their instructors using the Services are not considered User Content; instead, these Content Offerings are governed by the agreements in place between Fluentia Academy and its Content Providers.

How Fluentia Academy and Others May Use User Content

You grant Fluentia Academy a non-exclusive, sub-licensable, perpetual, royalty-free, fully transferable, worldwide license to prepare, modify, distribute or copy derivative works based upon, publicly perform, publicly display, and otherwise use the User Content to the extent that you provide such User Content. In accordance with the terms of this agreement, Fluentia Academy may permit Partners to share User Content with their registered users, on-campus students, or other learners who are not using the Services. Nothing in these Terms shall limit any other legal rights that Fluentia Academy may have, including those allowed under other licenses, with respect to User Content. For any reason, including User Content that we deem to be in violation of these Terms, we reserve the right to delete or edit User Content.


We appreciate your opinions, ideas, and other feedback regarding our Services. When you provide us feedback you simply give us permission to use it further without any kind of restriction or payment to you. Fluentia Academy does not give up the right to use comparable or related Feedback that was known already to Fluentia Academy, created by its employees or contractors, or discovered via other sources, even later to accepting your feedback.


We are concerned about our users’ safety. While Fluentia Academy makes every effort to safeguard your account’s security as well as any associated data, we don’t guarantee that unauthorized parties won’t be able to defeat our security measures. Send an email to ABC.COM right once to let us know if your account has been compromised or used without your permission.

Third-Party Content

You will have access to use content given by other users, instructors, or other third parties through the Services, as well as websites and links that are run by third parties. Fluentia Academy makes no promises that any third-party content found on the Services or elsewhere will be free of offensive, inappropriate, or harmful content. This includes contaminants and malware that might damage your mobile device, system, or any files stored on them. Any liability or responsibility for your access to, use of, or inability to access and use, such third-party content is expressly disclaimed by Fluentia Academy.