About Us


Fluentia Academy is a leader in foreign language training and committed to giving you high quality, reliable, and a different learning experience with ensured results. Fluentia is a professional training company. We have several years of experience providing foreign languages training. We are proud of our reputation as an ethical company with can-do attitude. Fluentia has devoted several years of research to developing and improving teaching method for trainees. Fluentia focuses on maximizing learning experience with modern techniques and equipment that both simplify and enhance student’s communication skills. Fluentia Academy has become the name of Authenticity, Trust and Reliance through it’s outstanding quality and Student’s mouth appreciation that is what makes us outshine the rest. The company provides the best education in the field of Foreign Language Training and pave your way to lead a successful and charismatic life as well.


We carry never give up attitude.


Our Mission is to enable our students to speak naturally, accurately and fluently with everybody on any situation in any foreign language. We endeavor to provide the best quality training to our students and exceed their parent’s expectations who want the best for their children. We aim to stay at the leading edge of providing foreign languages training and enrich students learning experience.