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Dear Reader,

In this post, I will talk about all the important intermediate structures that will help you to achieve the next level. if you are new to my blog I suggest you read my previous blog as well so that you can have a clear idea about English communication or if you already have knowledge about basics this is the right article to go through.

Let’s get it started, in the previous blog I explained to you about basic grammar and strategies to improve your basic spoken English. As you are reading this article I assume that you can ask a question and answer it in English.

What is Intermediate Grammar?

  • Past indefinite( Second Form)              Future Conditional
  • Used to                                                        Use of – So That
  • Had
  • Had to
  • Could
  • Was/Were
  • Past Continuous(Was/Were + Ing form)

There are some other intermediate English lessons as well however if you master these structures this will also boost up your spoken English for intermediate level.

Now you will have this question what to do with all these structures and how to use them in my English communication or maybe some of you will say I already know all the above-mentioned structures still I can not speak English.

Yes, I know you will have similar questions in your mind that is the reason I am writing this post because there was a time when I also used to think the same way. I thought of why I should not share this secret with all of you.

How to Practise your English conversation lessons?

First of all, You should remember all the above-mentioned structures with their clear definition. once you are confident that you use them timely then you can do the following exercises;

  1. Story-telling
  2. Questioning and Answering with reasons
  3. Experience Sharing
  4. Talking about your routine since morning till evening
  5. Talking about any accident that you witnessed
  6. Talking about any place that you recently visited

There are so many exercises that you can do to practise your spoken English. If you are not comfortable speaking. First, you can write it down and then you can speak. If you have someone(friends, relatives or brother/sister) who can help you, you can ask for his or her help also.

To be very honest with you I did not have anyone to practise. I used to practise on my own. it might seem very strange to you but it is true. If I can why can’t you?

Moving on to the topic exercise I give you one instance on storytelling.

Once there was a dog. He (It) was going on a river-bank. He had a piece of bread in his mouth. Suddenly, he saw his reflection in the river water. He thought it for another dog. As he barked his piece of bread fell into the river water and foolish dog kept barking.

The above-mentioned story has many past structures and I have highlighted them to make you understand the use of all these structures. in the same way you can also write some other stories and then speak or record yourself and correct yourself if you find any mistake.

Some more examples;

A- Do you learn English?

B- Yes, I speak English because it is very important nowadays. It has become lingua-franca(global language) If I know this language, I can get a job. I can communicate easily in my personal and professional life. If I get a chance to visit any country or state I can share or exchange information easily with others easily.

this is called reasons sharing.

I hope this article will help you up to some extent. At last, I would like to tell you nothing is impossible. you should keep practising and never give up. I promise one day you will speak English effectively and with ease.

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Be healthy and safe.

Thank you.